--- Body Massages & Spa Therapies ---

Swedish Body Massage

World famous massage to improve blood circulation and imparts relaxation

Stone Massage

Soothing and relaxing, slightly deeper massage movements, helps toning the muscles

Aromatherapy Massage

Uplifts the mood, slow and long massage movements, Out of the world experience

Body Polishing

Exfoliates the dead skin cells on the body, and gives glow and colour improvement, also on the areas which are unreachable like back

Body Steam

Opens pores , causes removal of toxins through sweating and also beneficial for weight loss

Body Wrap

Tightens the loose and flabby skin

Body Mudmask

Draws out the impurities, and provides the skin nourishment and tightens the skin

Complete Bridal Body Package

Includes body polish, body massage, steam and body mask

To Be Bride Package

Full body bleach + full body wax + Body massage + body polish+ full body brightening mask Performed in sessions